Wills and Trusts info session coming soon!

Flyer Wills and Trusts 15 July 2014

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Tea dance – update

Thank you to everyone who supported our Afternoon Tea Dance on Saturday 21
June to celebrate our 60th anniversary. It was lovely to see you all enjoying
yourselves. £192 was raised on the day.

We would like to express our thanks to the people who worked so hard to ensure
the day was successful.

Thanks go to Mary and Una, who kindly lent their precious china teasets,silver
teapots and beautifully embroidered tablecloths.

To Sandra, our thanks for providing the assorted sandwiches,scones with
strawberries and cream, and the most moutherwatering cakes. They looked and
tasted delicious!

Special thanks go to Michael, who set the mood with a lovely selection of
melodies across the years and to the people who braved the dance floor…Well

Lots of people said it was like being at the Ritz Hotel!

My first home #ldweek14

Paul – I moved into a house with my friends. Then I went drinking!

John – I still live in the same house I’ve lived in for ever. Now its just me and my brothers.

Robert – I live with my sister and her family. Its a bit busy

Alan – I live with my friend and we have someone come in to help look after us

My first job #ldweek14

Marion (volunteer) – I worked at ladbrokes. It was good fun for a year.

Breda – I don’t have a job. I’ve never had one, I just go college to keep busy

Alan – I go to the farm. They don’t pay me

Frances – I go to couriers with my friends. I don’t get paid