Douglas Chamberlain

Sadly, Douglas passed away this morning (22/2/15) having fought against cancer for a lot longer than any of us believed possible.
He was a valued member of Wayfarers for many years, taking part in the Zig Zag shows and joining us on many of our trips out. He had many close friends, from Wayfarers, work and swimming, and will be missed by us all


Doug’s nomination story for carrying the torch

Douglas is a loyal and dedicated member of Wayfarer’s Club Coventry Mencap.and has been for almost 40years. His quiet determination to have a go at activities shines through Not always the fastest nor the winner but his determination to succeed in whatever he tries shines through.A keen swimmer for many years, and once he had mastered how he could take his feet off the floor of the pool to becoming a confident swimmer his forte has become long distance. He now has many medals and ribbons to show. for all his hard work. He never misses training and is always a team player often in the background but always there. His very real enjoyment of music and drama shown with always a smile and thumbs up, not wanting to be the star but then every production needs a chorus line and douglas again is there supporting everyone else to shine. Recently douglas’s father died and now he helps his mum and sister who is also learning disabled to carry life on as normally as they can. Saying he is trying really hard to carry on doing the jobs dad did to help mum, but he misses going fishing, but he can and does do the gardening having helped his dad for many years he has been able to continue maintaining the family garden to a very high standard. Wayfarer’s are proud to nominate douglas to carry the olympic torch he is a true friend to many and shows strength and support to others with his determination to just have a go. He is an amazing ambassador for people with a learning disability


2 thoughts on “Douglas Chamberlain

  1. Truly a sad day for everyone in Coventry Mencap & Wayfarers Club. Our thoughts go to Douglas’
    family and his many friends,

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