Abba night

Last night 22 of us went to the lake at Barston . we enjoyed a three course meal and then an abba tribute band played.  They were amazing,  and  we didn’t need telling twice to get up and dance.  In fact,  some of us didn’t sit down for the rest of the night!


Ghostly jars



Patchwork craft came tonight and helped us name spooky jars for Halloween

Some good advice about what to do if a child with ASD goes missing

Last night, a missing child with autism post came through my feed. My heart dropped, because the last three that went through my feed ended with the child being found dead in a body of water, having wandered off and drowned. Luckily, in this latest case, the child was found – cold and wet, but […]

via What to do if a child with autism goes missing in your area — Herding Cats